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So you want to submit your film, huh? Cool.
Here’s what you should know:

As the name implies, this festival focuses on stories that are scary, creepy, absurd, downright absurd, or even slightly unsettling. Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller and the like. Comedies are welcome as well, but are highly encouraged to be a funny take on one of these genres. Music videos are also welcome if they have a creepy vibe.

Other genres may be considered, but may not be accepted. However, as long as your film loosely meets the genre requirements, it will likely be accepted. 
We are looking for films on the shorter side, anywhere from 1 - 10 MINUTES. Shorter is generally preferred. If your film is over 10 minutes long, it will be considered but may not make the cut depending on how long it is and how many submissions there are so it’s best to keep the runtime lean!
ALL LEVELS of filmmaking are welcome at this festival. Even if you’ve never made a film before, we encourage you to make one. Over the years we have had lots of great films that were shot and edited in iMovie all on an iPhone. If that still sounds too daunting, get creative and make something freaky with TikTok. If you find yourself in this skill range, don’t be afraid to keep the concept and length super simple and aim for 1-2 minutes. Just have fun ︎

For more ambitious filmmakers, if you feel like going crazy and renting an Arri Alexa or professional actors – go for it!
Or, if you already have a film that you’d like to screen, send it over.

Filmmaking is an art— we get that. So far, we’ve never had to deny a film due to unacceptable content, but we’ll go over this anyway. 

• This is an 18+ event
• Swearing is ok
• Blood, guts and violence is cool (Kinda hard to make horror films without that.)
• Some nudity is ok, but not if the film is pornographic. 

• Films that depict controversial imagery such as domestic violence or violence toward children may need to include a warning. 
• Any films which are deemed to have a discriminatory message or attitude of any kind will not be screened.
• We will view every submitted film to ensure it meets our content requirements.

For optimal viewing quality, we request films be output in HD - 1920 x 1080. Encode using H.264 or Apple Prores (LT is plenty). If you send us a 4k file, we will downsize it to HD for streaming purposes anyway, so best to dial it in yourself first.

If you’re making a film on your phone, just save it the same way you would if you were going to AirDrop it to a friend.  

Please send in your film by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th.
Participants running late may submit films up until the day before, but if we aren’t able to review it in time, it may not get included in the line up. 

Upload your file to Dropbox, and email us a link along with your name and a short message. Then, make sure you sign up on the FACEBOOK page and follow our INSTAGRAM account for updates. That’s it!

READY? ︎     

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